Our Leadership


Charles A. Bernardo Jr. CCIM -. Director of Site Acquisitions

Experienced from the carrier side of the industry previously working for Verizon (PrimeCo) and while at his own independent firm completed site acquisition of nearly 2,000 land and rooftop sites in Florida and Georgia. Most recently participated on numerous projects for carriers including LTE, FTTC, NSB, SAO, ETTC and UMTS for landlord solutions.

 Michael Ryabov  - Field Manager- South Florida

European experience in Broadband, Wireless and Cable industries in one of the largest cities in Europe providing leadership for numerous major projects.Based now in Miami bringing European expertise to the US, Carribean and South American markets.

James M. Key-CFO- Operations Manager - Company Telecom Financial Expert, RF Engineer and experienced construction manager or BTS and carrier relations. Mr. Key handles the carrier and tower company relationships from his extensive  years of industry experience.